Best Ways to Advertise an Industrial Auction

The advertising industry is an ever-expanding vortex of buzz words, promotional materials, market strategies, and intangibility. It can be confusing and tricky to get clear directions for the best way to advertise your needs and see results. In this article, we will go through the specifics of advertising for an industrial auction and cover what works and what doesn’t!

When you wanted to advertise an industrial auction in the old days, you could pop an ad in the local paper and be done with it, but times have changed and so has advertising for auctions. Print advertising is on the decline and while it does still have an audience, that audience is confined to the views of the paper it’s printed on whether it’s a newspaper, magazine or billboard ad. With proper targeting and consistency, print ads can still have a positive effect on sales, but digital advertising is making it easier to sell, identify your market, and analyse the best tactics for continuous sales growth.

The calculated benefits of digital media ads

Digital advertisements trackability is a major plus that is lacking in print media advertising. Buying a $3000 advertisement in popular trade magazine may get you increased sales, which is, of course, a good thing. However, there is no way to track the effectiveness of that ad. Sure, you can see the readership of the magazine, but there is no way to tell from that readership who is actually responding to your ad.

With digital ads, the results are clearly laid out. Dependent on the platform with which you advertise, digital ad analytics will provide you with the CPM (Cost per impression – how many people are seeing the ad), the CPC (Cost per click – how many people are clicking on your ad for more information), and, platforms like Facebook, can even tell you who is responding to your ad with breakdowns of respondents’ demographics. So setting a digital ad campaign with a budget of $3000 will tell you exactly where that money is going – who is looking, which ads are getting the most clicks, and how many of those clicks are turning into leads.

Another benefit of digital ads is the flexibility of spending. You spend $3000 on a magazine ad because that is what the magazine says the ad is worth, but with digital advertising, you can choose what you spend. If you want to put $15 towards an ad and test its effectiveness for 3 days, no problem! This level of control allows for more experimentation, less monetary loss, and the ability to more concisely develop your industrial marketing strategy.

Targeting your potential buyers

All of that information gathered from the digital ad campaign will not only lead to sales, but can also be used to narrow the targeting of future ad campaigns. Knowing who is clicking your ads and which ads get the most attention is invaluable to marketing. Instead of blindly releasing ads into the world, you can pay to only reach those who have been proven to show interest in buying your industrial equipment.

Don’t waste money presenting your industrial equipment ads to thirteen year olds in New York City with interests in basketball and baking. Set your money to specifically show your ads to the age group, location, income level, and interests that are sales qualified. That is the power of ad targeting in the digital age. These targeting techniques can cut your ad spending dramatically and allow you to strategize your ads to the most effective level.

Efficiency of highly targeted email marketing

As was said above, targeting is highly important when advertising any type of products and services. When thinking about the online advertising of your industrial machinery auctions, have you ever thought about the option of highly targeted email marketing? Read more about email marketing to see how beneficial it could be for your next industrial auction.

The biggest pro of email marketing is the ability to target very specific type of audiences depending on the database of the provider and the client’s preferences. For example, an auctioneer would like to advertise their upcoming auction of earthmoving machines located in the UK. Obviously, the best target audience is the interested potential buyers with the same category with interest in the UK. All of this is possible with email marketing.

Where to go for highly-targeted email marketing for your industrial auctions? Great news for you, you don’t need to go further. Company Bidderlists is here to help you to organize a suitable email campaign according to your needs. Did you know that companies Exapro and Kitmondo have large databases of potential buyers for your industrial auctions? It allows them to offer you highly qualitative targeted email marketing across specialized categories with geo-focuses. Don’t wait too long and get into contact with us with your request today.

How to make your email campaign attractive for recipients? A catchy subject combined with a nice email layout and visible links is the key for how to make your email campaign the most fruitful. It will increase the traffic of potential buyers to your industrial auction website. Contact us for advice and assistance with constructing the body of your email campaign.

Did you know that targeted email marketing brings better results than any other form of online advertising? This is because the emails are received directly by highly qualified recipients who are the most likely to become your customers. Users engage much more with the content they have in their inbox, rather than ads they see online, mainly because they are in a different state of mind when they are reading their emails, and therefore more likely to convert.

Now that you can see the benefits that are out there, go explore the world of targeted email advertising for your next industrial auction and join the industrial marketing world online!