The Best Online Auctions: Lab and Pharma Equipment

There are many options available for you to pick from when considering purchasing used lab and pharmaceutical equipment through online auctions. Attention is shifting to online auctions because they remain the best platform to sell sophisticated machineries and other technical tools. The benefits are limitless but before you settle down with any online auction platform, you must be sure of its mode of operation, reputation, resource tools, what others are saying about the platform, its partners and experience, support system, among others. It is important not to take the aforementioned for granted because they will go a long way to also determine your experience. There are many auction offers than you can ever think of. Let’s consider the best online auctions for lab and pharma equipment. Please note that there are others but the following offer the best experience when thinking about selling or buying via online auctions.

Liquidity Services

Liquidity Services has a proven record of innovation and superior service when it comes to market auctions in respect to lab and biopharmaceutical equipment. With its whole e-commerce platform called LiquidityOne, it has efficiently served sellers and buyers of lab and pharma assets. Their services boast of over 500 assets through GoIndustry DiveBid, a liquidity services marketplace. It has been helping people to buy used lab and pharma equipment for many years.  In this marketplace, there is a bi-weekly online auction of biopharma manufacturing and used lab equipment. More than anything, businesses can purchase any lab equipment on its platform from blue chip companies. Some of the reasons why you should avail yourself of this opportunity include:

  • Costs saving through online auction.
  • Opportunity to see bids refreshment every 60 seconds.
  • Time is well managed as qualified offers are accepted and awarded as soon as received.
  • The online auction is simple.
  • The platform helps you to make informed decision about the equipment that you are bidding for.
  • All you need is internet connection; the webpage can be navigated easily.

Capital Recovery Group

Capital Recovery Group is an industry that has always served based on a long year of experience. Having built a reputable system, it also creates global markets for industrial assets like sales of lab and pharma equipment through auction.  CRG’s auction operates at the level of open market trade and it attracts buyers and sellers from every part of the world. With CRG, there is no cause for alarm because there is transparency in transactions between parties involved. Some of the opportunities are:

  • Total turnkey solutions.
  • Certain financial returns.
  • Live webcast
  • Online auction
  • Seamless service
  • Private treaty sales
  • Opportunity to meet auction experts who deliver great results.
  • Easy and flexible sales of lab and pharmaceutical inventories.
  • Multiple platforms from widely spread partners for sellers of pharmaceutical assets
  • State of the art laboratory and Pharmaceutical equipment, among others.

 Harris Davis & Company

When thinking of how to sell your used lab and pharmaceutical equipment quickly and easily, Harris Davis & Company is another auction platform you cannot afford to neglect. Like the others above, it is the largest and most reputable auction service company available. Since its emergence over a half century ago, it has grown and developed into a global industry for labs and pharmaceutical equipment. When talking of global industry, Harris Davis & Company enables sellers of lab equipment to have a trade market beyond a particular geographical space. You can be certain that every connection and contact that the company has since its inception always plays vital roles in auctioneering process.

As a seller, what are your opportunities?

  1. The team works with you closely.
  2. On-site diligent assessment of the equipment to help you ascertain vital information that is then used as unique selling points.
  3. Helping clients achieve good return on investment.
  4. Friendly clients’ support system, amazing auction experience, among others.

High demand for used pharmaceutical equipment in online auctions

There will always be high demand for used pharmaceutical equipment and as earlier noted in the introduction to this article, many people are shifting their attention to online auctions. While online auctions may not out rightly kick physical auction out, it is in fact important to it, there is always a need to be careful and deal only with the best. Well, this may be ignored where other auction sales are involved but online auction remain the best platforms to trade lab and pharmaceutical equipment.  What are the opportunities that are available generally?

Easy search query

When looking for a particular used lab and pharmaceutical equipment, you don’t have to look too far. Use any search engine like Google or Chrome for auction platforms and send in your enquiry. Before long, you will be supplied with information which will include the best price.

Wide market places

The online auction sites above have been able to sustain the business because of their integrity and they have also come far with increased customer base. As a result of this, whatever is put up for auction definitely attracts potential buyers on time. Do you realize what you stand to gain by selling on their platforms? Beyond capital gains which try to balance your original investment with return on investment, you will be able to meet auctioneers who have efficient expertise in the field of industrial equipment. 


Online auctions with reputable companies help you to know who you are dealing with. Rather than being afar off, you will be able to receive sufficient customer support before and after each auction. You don’t have worry about how as long as the resource tools are available.

Comprehensive marketing

As earlier said, online auction allows for comprehensive marketing. It should be noted though, that the degree of market’s comprehensiveness depends on the type of online auction platform you choose to patronize.

Therefore, while it is no doubt that online auctions are the best options for selling and buying used lab and pharmaceutical equipment, you should carry out adequate findings before settling down with any platform.