The Best Online Auctions in Europe: Used Metalworking Machinery

The world of online marketing and purchase keeps getting better and convenient. The trends have so much grown that not just petty stuff and services are bought and sold online; even big machines and equipment also sold on various online auctioning channels. Online machinery auction for fairly-used industrial machines and equipment has been revolutionised and conveniently replaces the traditional one, which requires people’s physical presence and may sometimes be inconvenient. Getting to an online machinery auction is only a few taps of a keyboard away. In a country like the UK, in fact, it is a big deal. And more recently, news of used metalwork machinery auctions fill everywhere.

Advantages of online industrial auctions

For buyers

  • Online industrial auctions are cheap and make it easier for a business to gather strength and focus funds on other aspects of growth.
  • It is easier for buyers to connect with sellers.
  • Becoming a possessor is easier and machine conditions can be seen because the machines are ready and available; there is no need to wait for a shipment before you can assess the machine. 
  • Many used, industrial machines are thought of as ‘old’. While this is not always true, the fact stands that they are quality. If they had withstood working conditions and pressures with time, until the time of sale, then it means they are of a reputable quality. 
  • A buyer can make research and make different comparisons of products available online and decide the best one that they can go for.

For sellers

  • It saves times and money for the seller.
  • A seller is able to get quick asset liquidation, which many auctioneers can offer them.
  • Easy to connect with buyers across the world, since it is easier to market auctions and make sales in a safe mode, across the internet, against the limitation of traditional ones. 

Best used metalworking machinery auctions in Europe

Here are the best online auctioneers with good option deals of used metalworking machinery in Europe: 

Apex Auctions

Established to eliminate the excessive service and protocols of the traditional auctioneering companies, Apex began its merchandise. A core value of this establishment is to see that clients or customers don’t have to be supercharged with service levels so as to maximize the seller’s return. This auctioneering establishment is open to both direct users and those who would like to purchase the machines for reselling purposes. They also assist with the liquidation of equipment to international markets. Their market sales are either the ones they have in store or the management of a direct clients’ surplus asset. Their platform also connects buyers and users alike with marketing strategies that ensue from a wholesome database. Apex sells metalworking machines under good and legitimate policies and strategies that comply with the sales and use of powerful technology.

Hilco Industries

Hilco is a Global company that serves about 53 countries. The establishment deals, majorly, in industrial machinery equipment and inventory monetisation. The safe, online platform seeks to help sellers change excess or underutilized machinery and equipment into more liquid assets and capital as well as it makes sure that buyers are able to expand their businesses by getting the equipment at a lesser cost than a new one. The company has had fair deals across many industries. The fastest-moving machinery sales, as of now, are the steel fabrication and metal working machines.


Surplex is the acclaimed industrial auction house for used equipment of top quality. Surplex daily update their industrial auctions to add new products of distinct categories and top-notch brands for their customers to choose from. The online auction house boasts of a large selection of used machinery and equipment that will meet industrial operations. Their metal working machinery category includes heavy duty machines like gear cutting machines, guillotine shears, sheet metal processing machinery, lathes, milling machines, etc. There is a special category for those who prefer earlier models of some already-used metalworking machines. The modern production cells are the trends, and the company offers flexible manufacturing machines from leading brands. Wondering if Surplex is a trusted brand? Definitely yes. It serves her clients in 22 different languages and has approximately 200 employees across Europe and an average annual deal of 60,000 used machines.

Dechow Auktionen

This is Deutsch actioning house in Europe sells and connects buyers with sellers online, through flexible mobile platforms. This is an e-version of the traditional auctioning deals. With their platform, you can see available equipment, the (reserved) cost, the lot, and the number of days for which a piece of equipment is available. Dechow Auktionen is a member of the Auction Group. This establishment aims to shape the online auction market with technological innovations that would convince and motivate optimal business transaction. A market advantage with this company is their over 100 years of auctioning experience and expertise in various industries, globally.

Cottrill & Co

Cottrill & Co has been in the auction merchandise for over 30 years. Their expertise solely focuses on the purchase and sales of manufacturing assets. They are focused as online auctioneers with a flexible approach and sell different types of assets across the world, right from the heart of Europe, in Birmingham. They give deal options to clients, which include commission sales, guarantee participation, and outright purchase. They promise cash and asset liquidation with a short turnover time. Their services also include giving quotes and valuation for different manufacturing cum fabricating equipment. 

The growing interest in industrial machinery auctions

More than ever, the construction industry across Europe is growing. Therefore, more businesses and contractors are in need of constructing and fabricating equipment, especially metalworking equipment. Many businesses who have expanded their coasts are also eager to be disposed of their former equipment. Hence, industrial machinery auctions are the people’s go-to option to get their machines sold off and for others to acquire what they need.

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