The Best Online Auctions in the USA: Used Heavy Machinery

Online auctions are here to stay and the earlier we all avail ourselves of the vast opportunities, the better. For those who have realized the benefits of online auctions, they have been going back to purchase or sell used heavy machinery. Some of the benefits are:


Well, if you are tired of accumulating inventory carrying costs, you must also be in need of a rapid way to deal with that used heavy machinery. The best place to go is online auctions. Many of the auction platforms serve as a link between your machinery and a vast number of potential customers who are spread across every part of the world.  As soon as it is put up, it sells within a short period of time. 


Everyone wants comfort when carrying out business. Selling off used heavy machinery in physical auctions is usually a big deal but not with online auctions. No unnecessary bottle necks that is common to the physical ones. 

Large audience

The number of potential buyers who get to see used heavy machinery as soon as it is put up is large. This means the marketing strategies offered online is comprehensive; no limit to a target as long as the website is mobile friendly. 

Healthy Competition

Every business industry, no matter how restricted, has competitors. An online auction is not an exception but what separates the successful ones from the unsuccessful ones is the mode of operation. As we progress, we will provide you with information about the best online auctions in the USA.

Minimal cost

When planning a physical auction, you have to make provision for the venue, chairs, tables and cleaning up. The case is otherwise with online auctions. The process starts and begins online; there is no room for excessive cost. What is the point of accumulating costs when that is the goal of moving up from physical auctions in the first place?


The good news is that there is no used heavy machinery that will not sell online, whether in parts or as a whole. As long as it is a market with reliable and professional mode of operation, your used heavy machinery will certainly sell. That is why it is important for you to pay attention to details like testimonials, resourceful database, partnerships and successful auctions before settling down to any online auction platform.

The best online auctions of used heavy machinery

Now, let’s talk about the best online auctions that you can depend on in the USA.

Euro Auctions

Euro Auctions has been one of the best auction platforms since its emergence in 1998. Talk about industrial plant and construction equipment, you will definitely find what you want in auction. Although its head office is in Northern Ireland, it has a permanent site in the USA.  As an international platform, there are widely spread prospective buyers and sellers across the globe. You should know that there is no bureaucratic process whatsoever when selling with Euro Auctions. The process is quite free and fair and everything including transportation and repairs will be taken care of on your behalf. Well, the resources are there. In respect to marketing, the media includes special trade publications, websites and auction brochures. More importantly, you get paid within 21 days after the auction. What are you waiting for, tap the button and enjoy the opportunities.

Yoder & Frey

Yoder & Fret auctioneers provide the best auction values to buyers and sellers respectively. Since 1964, they have been offering their highly reputable special service in the sales of used heavy machineries and equipment like trucks and trailers. One beautiful thing is that every used heavy machinery put up for auction gets maximum result when compared with the original price.  Among other factors, the opportunities include quality customer service, confidential business arrangement, competitive quotes and highly experienced auctioneers. Mind you, what is meant by confidential business arrangement has nothing to do with illicit business deals. Unlike what obtains with some other online auctions, the interest of every party is respected and no information that may jeopardize the success of the auction is joked with. On the other hand, if you are looking for used heavy machinery, you can always surf their website for up-to-date information on auction schedule. The platform is user-friendly and there is easy navigation irrespective of the device.

As the sales and recovery division under Miedema Asset Management Group, Repocast helps your business to recover value from your used heavy machinery. has a team of experienced auction staff who are always available to give you the best in respect to online auctions. For ease of auctioning, there is always auction calendar made available on the platform as well as seller and buyer information. Thanks to the customer support system, you will always get quick response for whatever you are looking for as a buyer or seller. 

Equify Auctions

Life is simple when you don’t have to go through any discomfort in order to participate in used heavy equipment auction. Whether you are a buyer or seller, it is as simple as ABC. Equify offers three automated sales methods that give your used heavy machinery the best exposure. This means there is rapidity of sales because your item is exposed to large audience. In addition to this, there is no delay. With pre-auction inventory, you can get anything done on the spot. Yes. That’s the power of online auction. What are you waiting for? To sell or buy from anywhere in the world, their support system is always there to offer nothing but the best. 

Online auctions value

When it comes to online auction, you do not have to look too farther. You can do anything right where you are on your device. Transparency is a core value when it comes to online auctioneering processes. And we have carefully selected the above because of their long years of expertise in respect to used heavy machinery. With their vast database, sellers have the opportunity of connecting with potential buyers anywhere across the world. 

What are you waiting for? Rather than accumulating inventory carrying costs, take a bold step and get the best value.