EquipNet  Marks 20 Years of Success in Business in 2019

EquipNet is a renowned name in a business known for its unmatchable services. The original vision of this company is to benefit its clients by deploying, tracking and selling their second-hand capital assets. EquipNet was established in 1999 and celebrating its 20 glorified years of success in the market. 

Primarily, EquipNet has focused on laboratory instruments, pharmaceuticals, personal care, biotech chemicals and apparatus, electronic appliances as well as food and beverages.  EquipNet provides a reliable platform to the clients to exhibit the second-hand capital assets that are of no more use to them. This company helps its clients get maximum revenue from used stuff. At the same time, it also benefits the buyers who want to buy reliable medical instruments without burdening their budget.  EquipNet is a one-stop shop solution for selling and purchasing medical and industrial tools reliably. 

Our collaboration with EquipNet

We are honoured to work in collaboration with EquipNet in all their industrial equipment auctions. Two used machinery marketplaces, Kitmondo and Exapro, with the help of Bidderlists provide resourceful traffic to EquipNet ’s auction pages and drives more and more sales. We target the relevant audience to drive meaningful traffic and engagements to auctions by advertising them on the appropriate platform and connecting to consistent and significant people.  The advertising strategies play a vital role in the success of any sale. Gracefully, BidSuite has always worked passionately and dedicatedly to deliver steadfast and significant services to all its clients. 

Achievements of EquipNet  in these 20 years

With their focused vision and exemplary devotion towards their work, EquipNet has obtained a top-notch rank in the competitive market. In these 20 years, this company has flourished from two people working in the rented backroom to a professional team of over 150 people at 20 locations through Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America.

The CEO and President of EquipNet, Mr Roger Gallo, seems quite proud, optimistic and happy on the accomplishment of two centuries in business. He said:

 “It’s a great milestone for EquipNet. It’s gratifying to see the positive financial impact that EquipNet  has made on to our clients’ bottom line while significantly contributing to landfill avoidance efforts on a global scale.”

Prominent Services of EquipNet

EquipNet provides up to the mark pre-owned asset management solutions to individuals and companies dealing with electronics, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, biotech chemicals and other laboratory instruments. The foremost aim of establishing a platform like EquipNet was to revolutionize the management of assets that are of no longer use for a person or institute but can be of great help for another person or institute. EquipNet organizes auctions for their reputed clients where they can get maximum financial revenue of assets that are surplus for them. Moreover, it not only benefits seller and buyer but also helps to reduce pollution that might have caused due to landfilling or disposing of all those stuff which is now in use. So, EquipNet will be inevitably selling at auction anything which can be used further but is of no importance for you. 

You can know more about their services and achievements by visiting EquipNet.

Following are the most prominent services EquipNet is providing at this time. 

  • Individual Asset Sales: EquipNet provides a consistent self-post platform to all individuals out there who want to sell or purchase products at eCommerce marketplace. The company will organize industry-specific global auctions where you can exhibit multiple products at one time. They keenly focus on generating a sale channel for you to get maximum profit on your each deal. 
  • Regional Investment Recovery Programs: EquipNet provides comprehensive redeploy and local investment services that enable the clients to target multiple marketplaces to get more sales and money. Furthermore, the company is now also offering ARMS “Asset Redeployment Management System” which is a practical solution to increase efficiency of online dealing, cash release and also enhanced utilization of expensive medical instruments. EquipNet even entertain clients with other recovery programs including efficient asset sale, buy and management solutions. 
  • Site Closure and Projects: EquipNet substitute all possible efforts to maximum their client’s financial profit through selling pre-owned assets to relevant people and organizations. Moreover, 20 years of golden experiences enables them to tackle all buying, selling and management issues efficiently.  They have a well-qualified and competent team to handle critical projects and site closure issues without giving any stress to their clients.
  • Global Investment Recovery Programs: EquipNet facilitates their clients with comprehensive investment recovery programs to drive more sales and cash revenue from their surplus instruments.  Seller from any part of the world can join hands with EquipNet to get unmatchable disposition and asset management services worldwide.

Why choose EquipNet? 

First of all, they have a fantastic vision that is benfucial for everyone in society. Besides, their services are eco-friendly as well, as they are playing a crucial role in second-hand asset management. The list is quite long; here I am mentioning some significant points that will definitely persue you to collaborate with EquipNet . 

  • They have more than 1,000 customized equipment listing pages. In addition, they do not demand any charges to list your stuff. 
  • EquipNet is one of the largest marketplaces for selling and buying your products with consistency. They have a devastating range of biopharmaceutical instruments, electronic appliances, manufacturing instruments, industrial equipment, MRO spare parts and much more. 
  • The company provides its incredible services around the globe in 12 different languages. 
  • They deliver what they commit. 
  • Two decades of experience is definitely a huge cherry on the cake. 

Our wish to EquipNet

 EquipNet is undoubtedly doing a great job and BidSuite is so proud to be a partner of such an incredible organization. On their, 20th anniversary we wish them all the very best for their continuous journey of success. BidSuite, will always be there to provide the most satisfactory services to EquipNet.