From Agriculture to Steelworking, Austria to Singapore – the most comprehensive Industrial Auction News

Industrial Auction News is a global news platform for the world of used industrial equipment auctions, created by Bidderlists. The website provides an up-to-date auction calendar as well as in-depth looks into current auctions, supplemented by a monthly industrial bulletin. 

Paul Fowler, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Bidderlists, tells us more: “We wanted to support our customers by addressing the lack of an authoritative news source in the used industrial equipment market, and so we put our experience to work. Industrial Auction News is a resource that allows both buyers and sellers to follow the latest developments, while also bringing them together to realise the value of even the most specialised assets.”

“Industrial Auction News and the Industrial Bulletin are the only global new sources for buyers and sellers in this industry. To give an example of two auctions featured less than a week apart, we have a Ritchie Bros. auction of high quality agricultural machinery in Canada, and a UK-based Liquidity Services auction that includes a selection of specialised equipment for biopharmaceutical and neuroscience research and development. It’s a comprehensive source of information, but structured so as to make it easy for prospective buyers to zero in on exactly what they’re looking for.”

The first things a new visitor will see upon visiting the website are the Auction Calendar and the Auction Spotlight. The Auction Calendar provides a comprehensive overview of each month’s auctions, the only global overview of its kind. From this overview, the visitor can see auctions from all over the world and from many vertical markets including agriculture, metalworking, plastics, food processing, woodworking, pharmaceuticals and construction.

Each auction can be viewed in more detail, with concise summaries of the lots available, along with location, inspection times and other key information. The Auction Spotlight presents visitors with a sample of the current and upcoming auctions, highlighted with keywords corresponding to the aforementioned vertical markets.

Also featured on the Industrial Auction News websites is the Industrial Bulletin, a free subscription E-Newsletter that helps readers stay a step ahead in terms of news, trends and market analysis across all sectors of the industry. Like the Calendar, Spotlight and the website as a whole, the Industrial Bulletin serves the needs of both buyers and sellers by showing buyers a representative view of the market and giving sellers the means to opportunity the right buyers to their auctions.

Bidderlists are global specialists in the Industrial Auction Sector, dedicated to delivering auction success through Industrial Auction News, the Industrial Bulletin and through representing the largest global database of industrial equipment buyers with and