Used Lab Equipment Auctions: Tips and Advices You Should Know

There is no big deal in purchasing used lab equipment. There is a wrong notion that only poorly funded labs buy used lab equipment. You will be surprised to know it is better to even purchase used ones. The budget involved in getting a new one is costly and very few medical/scientific experts have the money to spare. Not only can used ones be bought at a fair price in order to save for other financial requirements, standard service can also be enjoyed than the new ones.

Also, getting used lab equipment via auctioning is advisable because of the ease of shipment. There are a lot of protocols involved in shipping lab equipment. However, when there is a credible seller or auctioning site, you can be assured of getting the equipment across to your destination quickly.

Mind you, getting the best out of used lab equipment requires a lot of exercise on your part. As a buyer, you have nothing to fear when you know what you desire but you should be armed with quality information. Below are the things you should when attempting used lab equipment.

Things you should when attempting used lab equipment

Is it allowed? 

Some laboratories do not permit buying of used lab equipment. Therefore, you should know the regulations of your institution before deciding on it. If it’s an institution you privately own, you should know about the regulations of statutory bodies about it as well.

Know what you want

This will help you to know where to go. Don’t go about without a goal in order to save time. Know what suits your lab needs. When you have decided, find out about the manufacturer of the brand and model. You may begin to wonder why it is necessary since it is not a new one. Well, we are glad to inform you that there is no difference whether you are purchasing it new or old. When you can depend on the review and referrals that the brand is good and dependable, why not go for it.

What is your budget? 

Buying used lab equipment is budget friendly but how much you are willing to part with to get one. You should consider this in the light of possible expenses like shipping and taxes by national and local authorities at the ports.

Assess the state of use

The term “used” needs to be understood. It could mean any of the following:

          • The equipment has been serviced by an expert and all the parts have been taken out and replaced where necessary,
          • Only integral parts have been taken out and retested,
          • Original buyer replaced it under warranty but the factory has retested it,
          • The state of use is unknown to the seller or auctioneer.

          Making a choice can be complex but to be on a safer side, we don’t recommend the last in the bullets above. For the others, the seller should be able to provide you with necessary documents that can help you assess the warranty, replacements made, upgrades and degree of functionality.

          Carry out a test-run

          There is nothing like being too careful when it comes to purchasing used lab equipment. See what you want to buy first and do a test. The test will help you note any irregular functioning. If the equipment is not far from your location, ignore the cost of transportation and go see it.

          What is the warranty? 

          Depending on the time of original purchase, used lab equipment usually have good warranty. Request for documents from original purchase and note the terms and conditions. You are always free to compare this with any option open to you elsewhere.

          Examine the attitude of the seller

          Some sellers have personal reasons for which they want to sell used lab equipment. While test-running may say something about what you want to buy, it may not say it all. Feel free to ask questions and examine the attitude of the seller. If you cannot get open answers to your enquiries, if there is no proper documentation and if you are not treated well through responses receive, you may want to reconsider your options.

          Use an auction website

          Nothing beats this advice. You will realize that all the above comes easy when you choose to buy used lab equipment via auction sites. Among other things, used lab equipment auction assures you of the following:

          • Knowing the credibility of the auctioneer through reviews and testimonials available on its site.
          • Open information system. This allows you access to a good number of information via mails and video calls that let you see the equipment. Questions you should therefore ask is if they operate a 24/7 support system. You should know whether it is a real staff or machine that will pick the call and address your questions immediately.
          • Better than new used lab equipment.
          • There are various brands open to you to choose from.
          • Better bargaining options, clear warranty policies, service contracts and life expectancy of the equipment.
          • Certainty of test driving. Well, there is no point in buying what you cannot test run before having it packed for shipment. With auctions, you don’t just see, you also test.

          Therefore, if you want to buy used lab equipment with quality assurance and confidence, try out an auction instead. More than any other option, you can evaluate the services and solutions available. At Bidsuite, we have been able to provide amazing network of services to the best and finest auctioneers. Whether you want to sell or buy, you can depend on us to provide you with the best network. Our reputable clients who provide comprehensive services on selling and buying of used lab equipment across the globe include EquipNet, Troostwijk or Liquidity services. Our clients understand the industry and that is why they have the best customer success stories on their sites. There is nothing to be scared of, you only get the best recommendations from Bidsuite because we are concerned about our own reputation as well.

          As said earlier, you can never be too careful when it comes to buying used lab equipment. This is because buying used items is a risk. However, when you are trading via auction, most of the risks can be beaten.