AH Asset Solutions

Specialist Asset Disposal and Valuation Company

AH Asset Solutions is a Scottish asset disposal and valuation company formed in 2017. They specialize in the Energy Marketplace covering Oil & Gas, Renewables and the Decommisioning Sector. AH Asset Solutions were founded in and headquartered the city of in Aberdeen, Europe’s capital of Oil and Gas. They provide their services to a wide range of international clients spanning the UK, Europe, the Gulf States, and Africa.

AH Asset Solutions goes beyond the Oil and Gas industry, though, with their involvement in other industrial manufacturing sectors including, but not limited to, marine, aircraft, machine tools, plastics, food & beverage, forestry, fishing, construction, textiles and printing.

The AH Asset Solutions team utilizes the experience and expertise of its two co-founders Nick Abram and Tom Hutchinson. Together, they have over 60 years of involvement with the industrial asset valuation and disposal industry. They bring experience from companies such as Total E&P, BP North Sea, Chevron, E Systems, Volvo Group, Intel, and Mondelez to name a few. Their flexibility and devotion to providing the best solutions for their clients makes AH Asset Solutions and trusted name in the world of industrial auctions.

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