BVA Auctions

Lots to Offer

BVA Auctions was founded as a traditional auction house in 1999 in the Netherlands, and the company made the jump to online auctions in 2003. Since that jump, they have become a leader in online auctions selling a wide variety of products from goods to real estate and overstock products and bankruptcy sales. Each month they offer over 140,000 products on their website. In 2009, they hit their milestone of reaching 100,000 visitors to their website and now have over 1.3 million registered customers and millions of visitors to their site each month. 

In 2014, BVA was acquired by investment company Bencis Capital Partners, expanding the company’s growth. In mid-2016, BVA Auctions purchased renowned Dutch auction house Notarishuis Arnhem, famous for its art and antique auctions since its opening in 1959.

BVA Auctions is a member of the Auctio Group, the largest auction house in Europe with buyers from 95 countries across the globe and 11 offices spread out over the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and Austria with the BVA Auctions headquarters residing in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

To learn more about BVA Auctions, visit their website.