Capital Recovery Group

Your Success is the Touchstone of Ours

Capital Recovery Group or CRG is a global company that creates liquidity for their clients. CRG`s years of experience together with access to global markets allow them to serve their clients through deep expertise and innovative solutions across the world. Their focus is on providing complex services in industrial assets and real estate including revitalizing idle or marginally productive assets and liquidation surplus. 

The main aim is client satisfaction through technical proficiency, in-depth industry knowledge and innovation, and the know-how to navigate complex transactions. Clients are simply put first in each project. They have access to the team at every stage of the project. A strong business relationship is a high priority built on comprehensive trust and transparency.

CRG`s founder and CEO, Bill Firestone, has been in the business of auctions and in the appraisal industry since 1978. Bill Firestone had built a team of industry experts to serve uncompromising service, qualified knowledge and creative strategies to their clients. The CRG team is comprised of experts of the industry`s and access`s advisors, advocates, financial experts, and highly skilled problem solvers who are prepared to create complex strategies to fit their clients' special needs.

Capital Recovery Group was established in 1998. Its headquarters is situated in Enfield, Connecticut. Get to know more on the CRG website.