DB Reklame Services

DBRS for Media Department Work

DB Reklame Services or DBRS is a full-service media and advertising agency headquartered in Amstelveen, the Netherlands, and has been successful since its establishment in 1984.

They offer competitive packages for advertisers that cover an extensive list of media services. DBRS can handle everything from media strategy and planning to get your advertising goals organized and ready, to media purchasing – the acquisition of ads, to the final stage of media execution that invoices handling current advertising ventures.

DBRS are real experts in media, focusing on providing the highest quality of customer service and giving quick and qualitative pieces of advice to their clients. As they offer an all-inclusive package of media services, their focus is on getting the most effective use out of advertising time while keeping the total costs as low as possible.

To learn more about what DBRS has to offer, visit their website.