Helping You Build a Better Business

At Equify, clients are the number one priority and this reflects in their core values of helping their clients build a better business. They have invested in working closely with business owners to identify pain points, fortifying the weaknesses and playing to the strengths using Equify’s own Healthy Business Checklist. Their goal is to be a part of making a company successful by getting them to perform at their best. 

The realm of Equify’s services stretches across many sectors, each one committed to getting their clients to where they want to go. They offer heavy machinery auctions, equipment lending, commercial insurance services, commercial real estate lending, as well as appraisal services. 

With their heavy equipment auction services, Equify assists buyers and sellers in maximizing returns and exposing clients to a global audience through several easy to use sales channels designed to meet the tailored needs of each client. They provide the highest levels of customer service, reliability, and user friendly interfaces to get their clients the maximum level of returns in their auctions. Equify offers auctions in multiple platforms including Buy Now, On-line Auctions, On-site Auctions, or their Wholesale network, all with international audiences to ensure the best returns. 

Equify was founded in 2011 in Fort Worth, Texas by Patrick Hoiby. Their main offices still operate across Texas with their headquarters remaining in Fort Worth. In April 2018, Michael Grimm was appointed as the new President of the company. The Equify team is family run and prides themselves on having the diversity and combined experience in the auctioneering industry to provide their clients with the best. 

For more information, see their website, auctioneer site