Equipment Dispositions

High-Tech, Cleanroom & Lab Equipment Auctions & Liquidations

Equipment Dispositions is a US-based leading company in the liquidation of used and surplus high-tech manufacturing equipment. For over 20 years, they have been committed to maximizing the financial returns on sales in an effective and efficient way. Equipment Dispositions focuses on clients in the semiconductor, solar, hard drive, electronics assembly, PCB & CMT, medical device, biotech & pharmaceutical manufacturing industries.

No matter if selling a few pieces of surplus equipment or a complete plant or closing facility, Equipment Dispositions’ services are capable to fulfill any customer’s needs. Their services range from online auctions to the organized buying and selling of surplus, excess and obsolete equipment and facilities combined with other additional services. As a seller, you have the option to become a member of Equipment Dispositions as follows: silver, gold or platinum partner which offers discounted programs for sellers.

The highlight of their services is online auctions, which are hosted on their website and supervised by a team of professionals in the industrial and auctioneering world. Their marketing and sales process makes auctioneering even easier. Equipment Dispositions’ inspects and evaluates the equipment to give the best offers according to updated market prices. They deliver the offer directly to a hand-built database of relevant customers. Equipment Dispositions uses other online marketing tools including the online advertisement to guarantee high traffic to the offered equipment. When the auction has finished, their partners from the shipping and forwarding industries take over the lead and deliver the machine to the buyer’s facility.

Besides online auctions, Equipment Dispositions helps to sell surplus in liquidations and managed sales. The outright cash purchase offers cash payments and takes over of all the costs associated with selling the used and surplus equipment such as pickup, delivery storage cost and other costs.

Equipment Dispositions has two offices in the US. The headquarters of Equipment Dispositions is located in San Jose, California, and the second office is located in Phoenix, Arizona. For more information visit their website.