A One-Stop Service Provider 

A holistic approach to asset disposition, 30 years of experience and an international team; this description belongs to the company FabExchange. FabExchange is a leading advisor in the disposition of advanced technology manufacturing and cleanroom assets operating around the world.

No matter if clients want to sell a single piece of equipment or a whole manufacturing facility; FabExchange’s services are committed to providing one-stop services of asset disposition to all. Fab Exchange helps clients to increase the efficiency of operational and financial matters or restructure marginally productive assets to meet their performance objectives. 

FabExchange engages global industry relationships and a skilled international team fluently speaking global languages such as English, Russian, Spanish or French as well as Korean, Japanese, Arabic or Mandarin; allowing them to operate across the world. Together with their deep insights into the industry, state-of-the-art warehousing, a logistics facility and highly targeted marketing, they became recognized as a leader worldwide. 

FabExchange offers asset valuation with fresh price data, complete facility disposition and surplus assets management. Asset sells are done by the auctions or private treaties. Online auctions allow them to sell client’s equipment or whole facilities for the current market prices in a short time period and at the same time offer great value for potential buyers on a global market scale. Online auctions are supported by targeted marketing to increase the effectiveness of the sale itself. 

The headquarters of FabExchange is based in Santa Clara, California. The warehouse is located also in the state of California in Fremont. See more on their webpage.