Harry Davis & Company

The Food & Beverage Market Makers

Harry Davis is a Pittsburgh based company created in 1955 and has become the largest appraisal and auction company in the region with impact beyond the borders. Since its founding, they have run the extra mile every day to become a sound name in the beverage and food industry while expanding into new areas. 

The core of the company’s success is aimed in one direction: “Maximum Value”. Their cooperation with every client is not only about simple evaluation or selling. Harry Davis & Company understand the psychology behind buyers` decisions and auctions. They are able to recognize highlighted items while using modern marketing tools to bring the maximum value to every sale.

Harry Davis` auctions are suitable for companies of all sizes. No matter if the client has a small or big company and wishes to sell one item or an entire facility - with Harry Davis auctions, it is doable. Years of experience, along with skilled appraisal and auctioneer professionals, they have built an international network allowing to sell any equipment internationally. 

Harry Davis & Company is headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA. To learn more about their services, visit Harry Davis website.