Hilco Industrial

A Hilco Global Company - Vested in Your Success

Hilco Industrial was founded in 2000 and is a subsidiary of Hilco Global, an American financial services holding company founded in 1987 by Jeff Hecktman in Northbrook, Illinois. 

Hilco Industrial is a foremost authority on industrial machinery, equipment and inventory monetization. Their focus is to bring together a network of sellers looking to exchange underutilized and excess equipment and machinery into capital with buyer looking to acquire those used products at good prices. 

Since its founding, Hilco Industrial has sold over $5 billion in assets with a network spanning over 53 countries. They are invested in cross-industry business with a list of clients working in fields such as aerospace and defense, automotive, plastics, construction, and pharmaceuticals, among others. 

Hilco Industrial made national news in 2010 with its involvement in the sale of GM and Chrysler plants in the city of Detroit. In 2014, Hilco was back in the news and in Detroit and assisted in the liquidation of excess municipal transportation assets during the bankruptcy of the city of Detroit. 

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