International Auction Group

Bid on the Best Machinery for Your Business

International Auction Group (IAG) is a Spanish company focused on the buying and selling of industrial equipment with a global reach spanning many industries. Their services range from sales support, asset valuation and inventory and logistics services for dismantling and removing goods.

IAG is committed to offering “whole solutions”, assisting buyers from start to finish in the procurement of used machinery as well as providing all necessary support to sellers who wish to exchange their assets for capital due to a closure, relocation or change of its production lines. IAG is the first company in Spain to offer this full-service auction style and a pioneers in the Spanish online auction market.

The current Managing Director of IAG is Francesco Mortara and achieved a 30% increase in turnover growth in 2017. The company continues to grow throughout Spain as well as into the international market.

For more information on IAG, visit their website.