Industrial Auctions

Professionals in Online Auctions for the Food and Beverage Industry

Industrial Auctions is a Dutch-based online auctioneering company with a focus on machinery, inventory and goods auctions. Years of experience in business-to-business within the food and beverage industry allows them to offer profit-oriented insight. 

The success of Industrial Auctions stands on three main pillars: Transparency, Customer Friendliness and Burden Relief. The main added value of their services is building long-term relationships with their customers. The Industrial Auctions’ team is always available to assist sellers and buyers to make sure everything is running smoothly throughout the duration of the auction.

Throughout the auction, Industrial Auctions assures that every single piece of equipment offered has a detailed description along with photos to show their true value. Buyers also have the option to submit questions before the starting day of the auction to know as much as possible about the equipment offered before the first bid. To make auctions successful, Industrial Auctions’ focus is always on both sides of the business, always standing behind the contractors as well as the buyers. During the inspection days, there is always enough time for everyone to see the machines and evaluate their condition. When pickup day comes, Industrial Auctions takes care of arranging the right amount of skilled staff to help with dismantling and loading. If the customer requires, they can also take care of transportation services to any part of the world.

Industrial auctions was founded in 2010. The headquarter of Industrial Auctions is located in Eindhoven, Netherlands. To learn more visit the Industrial Auctions website.