Perfection Industrial Sales

Excels in Performing Live and Online Machinery Auctions

Perfection Machinery Sales started as an American dealer of used machinery. Since the year 1963, when the company was established, they have run many miles to master services in evaluating, appraising, warehousing, buying, and selling used industrial equipment while using specialized marketing tools. 

Perfection Industrial Sales guarantees the maximum return of the investment to each seller of a single piece of equipment, as well as to sellers of an entire facility. The main emphasis is on understanding customers’ needs and offers them the most suitable solution to fulfil their demands. To offer highly tailored services, Perfection has split the operations into three business units according to their focus: Industrial Machinery Services, Industrial Surplus Asset Management, and Perfection Industrial Sales. All three units are part of Perfection Global.

Perfection Machinery Services is one of the largest machinery dealers, with customers located around the globe. Perfection Surplus Asset Management focuses on the return of customers’ surplus or idle assets. Perfection Industrial Sales is known as a global leading business of buying, selling, and remarketing of used industrial assets. The main services offered by this business unit are Equipment Appraisals, Ongoing Equipment Liquidation, and Equipment Auctions. Perfection Industrial Sales keeps pace with auctioneering trends and offers a combination of live and online auctions. Customers don’t need to be physically on site of the auction; the only thing they need is a computer or cellphone and good internet connection. For the comfort of the sellers, the Perfection team is committed to keeping them fully informed during the entire project. The aim is maximum customer satisfaction.

Perfection is headquartered in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. If you want to learn more about Perfection please visit their webpage.