Rabin Worldwide

Building Relationships - Globally Connected

Rabin Worldwide is one of those unique companies run by one family for many generations. Since 1967 they have mastered services for industrial equipment, factories and real estate in asset recovery, valuation, sales and financial solutions. Standing behind about 100 customers across the world, has given Rabin the experience to provide complex services to solve assets services efficiently and quickly. Their customers enjoy positive business relationships, and it’s this value that makes them come back time and time again to appreciate their services. 

Rabin’s auctions are suitable for selling complete plants as well as individual surplus items. Rabin’s advanced auction methods are just one piece of the puzzle of this well-situated service package that is oriented toward delivering maximized values of idle or surplus assets and returns from liquidations. Well known companies such as Hostess, Braniff Airlines, Montgomery Ward, and the Railway Express Agency have already experienced the benefit of partnering with Rabin.

Rabin Worldwide is headquartered in San Francisco and runs offices across North America and England, where they also have many business partners. Besides English speaking countries, Rabin has partners in European and Asian countries. For detailed information visit their website.